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Pioneer Film Studios campus in Stepps, Glasgow consists of over 150,000 ft2 studio space, 108,000 ft2 workshop space, 107,000+ ft2 office/ancillary space and over 300,000 ft2 yard space. With a 9 floor office tower, 24/7 manned security, 100’s of rooms accommodation on the doorstep and unbeatable transport links. – Welcome to Scotland’s Studio.

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Pioneer film studios are delighted to announce the launch of Scotland’s largest Film Studio campus.


Stage 11 is available as either one 30,000ft2 single stage or split centrally to provide 2x 15,000ft2 stages. Stage 11 also benefits from 5,000ft2 workshops directly off stage.

8,000ft2 Ancillary areas split over 4 rooms provide convenient on site locations for productions as required. 4 x 4m high roller shutter doors provide access to stage areas. 2000 amp grid capacity for equipment from local DB’s.

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Unit 3 comprises of two floors, the ground floor (shown here) consists of a single large office/multi purpose space, the main entry and first floor stairwell, expansive workshop space, toilets & 6 medium to small office spaces (7 offices in total on this floor).

The first floor of Unit 3 consists of a raised mezzanine floor in the main workshop area, kitchen and bathroom facilities and a further 8 office spaces all of which have windowed views that look out onto the workshop area. This floor also contains the Unit data room which is fully self contained.

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STAGES 4 – 9

Each stage measures 16,000 ft2 with 10m height rising to 12m at the crest. Units 1 & 2 are located directly behind these stages with an adjoining walkway giving vast workshop and ancillary space.

Workshop space has immediate, uninterrupted access to the stages via 4m x 4m roller shutters. 2000amp grid capacity for equipment from local DB’s with blackout applied.

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With a total site span of over 1.2million ft sq, a large portion of the site consists of yards and backlot. We have over 300,000 ft sq of yards and a further 180,000 ft sq of backlot area on site.

All yards are self contained lockable spaces with hardstanding surfaces.

Typically used for overflow parking, unit base and various other misc uses – the Yards also serve as a home for some of our on site community (Facilities by ADF, Supply2Location, Location One, Panalux and more).


With 9 floors in the tower offering stunning panoramic views of Scotland and the Campsie hills, as well as two 30,000 ft sq two floor wings – we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to office space at Pioneer.

The West wing ground floor is a business centre made up of smaller individual offices which have started to become home for the supply chain and industry companies joining us on site.