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This blog has been a long time coming, we’d planned to start our blogging months ago to keep you all up to speed on our progress, things we’re doing in and around the community and generally sharing bits of stuff we find interesting!

So for this first blog post we thought what better than to share our favourite industry (well at least sort of TV and Film based, packed full of insights, creative and otherwise!) podcasts for you to give a shot – let us know if you have any other recommendations!

Smartless – the podcast with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes & Will Arnett. This is a firm favourite here at Pioneer HQ, not only are the trio very accomplished, talented and experienced in the industry, but they’re all best friends. The humour throughout is tangible you can feel the warmth amongst them in every episode which makes for great listening. The concept of this podcast is simple, each week one of the 3 arrange a guest without telling the other 2 who the guest is. They then get an on-podcast reveal and the guests are among the BEST on any show we’ve ever seen.

With their careers and accomplishments, their contact list of friends in the industry is astonishing, from Jennifer Anniston to Judd Atapow, Edward Norton to James Cameron the list is endless. They discuss life, careers and industry insights around funding, cutting edge film techniques and more. Well worth a listen!

Pop Culture Happy Hour – NPR’s “Pop Culture Happy Hour” is obsessed with everything television, movies, books, and more. Arts journalists Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Aisha Harris are talking about the newest releases and newest news.

Delivered five days a week (for those podcast junkies out there who love a daily drop!), this one is not specifically solely about film and tv, though they’re discussed regularly, but is all around the creative spaces from the big budget mainstream shows to the outcasts on the outskirts! The Happy Hour team leaves room at the table for exploring a range of reactions and opinions on every bit of the pop universe. From lowbrow to highbrow to the stuff in between, they take it all with a shot of cheer.

FilmSpotting – the Chicago based podcast with Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larson. An evolution from Kempenaar’s film blog Cinemascoped, Film reviews and any sort of critiques are fair game and expected in Filmspotting.

The Filmspotting team discuss the most current films, the time served classics and even those you’ve potentially never even heard of. They hold an annual Golden Brick Awards to discover the most overlooked films as recommended by the hosts. We love it as a source of inspiration for new movies to add to our watch list!

They have a whole bunch of historic podcast content on their website which you’re free to browse through so if you want to see their thoughts on anything from lion king to blues brother, chances are after a quick search you’ll find what you’re looking for!

The Indie Film Hustle – Being a studio, we don’t typically get involved in production. It’s not our business or our experience, we focus on growing the community, pathways into the industry and growing the industry in Scotland. So finding this podcast was brilliant insight for us into the life of our productions. Created by Alex Ferrari, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked on over 1,000 projects.

Alex’s podcast brings into the real world just what it takes when it comes to getting TV and Movies created and produced. A lifeline for many during Covid trying to understand how to get the wheels in motion again after the shutdown periods, Alex gives real usable information in bagfuls through his podcast. We highly recommend.

The A24 Podcast – An entirely different take on a podcast, we love the format as much as we love the content.

This is an Ad-free podcast (excellent we agree) but there’s no host either… not a regular one anyway, instead, this podcast captures no-holds-barred conversations between filmmakers.

The podcast launched in 2018 and has a guest list that could make anyone swoon. From Martin Scorsese to Paul Thomas Anderson and everyone in between, you get insights from the masters speaking to their peers in a true deep dive format.

Much like their films, the podcast from A24 never ceases to deliver interesting and complex content in a fresh and compelling format. Episodes are guided by an incredible matchup of guest hosts, from actresses to musicians to directors and more. The result is a carefully curated and wonderfully pieced together podcast addressing cinema and society today.