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Build your Home at Pioneer

The Film Industry is Booming in the UK. Make Pioneer your Home.

Pioneer Film Studios campus in Stepps, Glasgow measures in at roughly 1.1million f2 of film campus – consisting of over 150,000 ft2 studio space across 7 sound stages, 108,000 ft2 workshop space across 5 buildings,  With a 9 floor office tower 107,000+ ft2 office & ancillary space and over 300,000 ft2 yard space.  Pioneer has 24/7 manned security, 100’s of rooms accommodation on the doorstep, unbeatable transport links across the entire UK & 3 international airports within 45mins drive from the studio.

Welcome to Scotland’s Studio.


Geographically – Pioneer offers unrivalled opportunity for large global content creators, streamers & productions to base their entire UK operation from our campus. With 3 international airports within 45 mins driving distance, immediate national motorway infrastructure access, rail access & the UK Production Tax Relief – Pioneer is THE place to build a home. 

UK Tax Relief

Safe hands at our in house Accountancy

The UK Film Tax Relief (FTR) is available for all qualifying films of any budget level, the film production company can claim a payable cash rebate of up to 25% of all qualifying Expenditure.

At Pioneer we also own Oak Accountancy with which we service not only existing clients, but all productions here at Pioneer have the ability to utilise our on site accountancy to help maximise the impact of the UK Film Tax Relief, as well as having us look after things like all cast and crew (freelancer) tax, production accounting and payroll.

Having a trusted pair of hands to support in this area is something we’re delighted to offer.


Central access to Scotland & the UK

Scotland boasts some of the most stunning, dynamic and diverse landscapes, towns and urban scenes on the planet. Providing perfect backdrops for Films and HETV for as long as anyone can remember.

From Batman to Tetris, Indiana Jones to World War Z and more. There’s no shortage of on location options across the nation here, all of which is immediately accessible within a few hours drive from Pioneer Film Studios – where we can provide global quality studio facilities to accompany the locations.

Our Unrivalled access to transport routes also see’s us an hours flight from London, a few hours drive from mid-England and a few hours drive to the north of Scotland. Geographically speaking – we’re the dream location for those wishing to build a home in the UK for productions for years to come.

A base here at Pioneer puts you in the driving seat with immediate access to all corners of the UK, lower cost of living for all cast and crew than being based in regions like London, and nicer scenery – even if we do say so ourselves…

Don't just take our word for it...


Market Opportunity

Scotland is current, the time is now…

The UK Government’s screen tax reliefs have resulted in this becoming one of the UK’s strongest booming industries with the UK TV and film industry having a record year in 2020 with revenues exceeding £36 billion (despite COVID-19 pandemic)

Lambert Smith Hampton has modelled that 2.3m sq. ft of new sound stage space is required by 2033 to keep pace with growing demand in the UK.

The UK has lost out on over 10 major movies in the last few years due to the lack of Suitable studio space – despite this by 2023 the UK will have more studio space than Los Angeles.  


Screen Facilities Scotland

Anything you want, you got it…

Chaired by our Industry Ambassador Ian Pearce, Screen Facilities Scotland is a community of companies across Scotland all supplying the Film Industry.

From casting, to cameras, special effects to post production and more. These companies have joined forces to create a community which allows all productions looking to Scotland – an easy to browse concierge of suppliers and services.

Screen Facilities Scotland
“The UK is home to some of the best creative talent in the world, and our TV and film industry is a jewel in our crown, driving hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions for the economy. We ensured the sector had our support throughout the pandemic, with the furlough and self-employment schemes, and the £500 million Film and TV production Restart Scheme is helping productions get back up and running.
We continue to support the creative sector – our tax reliefs make the UK an attractive place to film and are driving a wave of private investment, and our Plan for Jobs is helping more people to enter the industry through apprenticeships, traineeships and the Kickstart scheme.”

Locations across Scotland


Cities & Towns